Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is basically the collection and analysis of news by the public using cell phones, blogs, cameras, and social media platforms. There has been a rise in citizen journalism recently due to the growth of communication tools and technology. Through social media websites such as Twitter , Facebook, LinkedIn and other blogs citizens can report their own experiences and eye witness accounts. Citizen journalism is a very important type of journalism especially in the modern digital age that we live in. Ordinary people who are not qualified journalists can post to any sort of social media platform and report the news.

Citizen journalism provides the community with a different perspective. It also helps citizens get more engaged in the issues that might affect their community and lives. A citizen journalist has the power to coverage certain events that the main media mainstream media might miss. It gives people the chance to report what happens at that very moment and helps reach out to friends and family to report local or worldly news.

Some issues that might be linked to citizen journalism are that citizen journalists have no formal training in reporting and some risks might include reporting nonfactual information. Citizens also do not have any ethics in training and might not be able to handle certain situations that arise. Also it is hard to actually define what “news” really is and what deems importance in reporting certain “news” stories.

An example of citizen journalism is a tweet from Janis Krums who was one of the first witnesses of the landing of the plane in the hudson river. He was even contacted by Mike Beyman, a producer from CNBC who wanted to hear about Janis Krums experience of first hand witnessing the landing of the plane on the Hudson river.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.52.56 PM.png

The growth of citizen journalism has even reduced the amount of traditional newspapers and and news outlets as the main source of current events. This is because citizens can easily access social media platforms and post exactly what they witness in an instant. They can report their own “news” and allow other citizens be evolved on what the see. Now traditional media outlets have tried to harness the power of citizen journalism through collaboration with user generated content and social media. An example of cooperation between media outlet and citizen journalism is CNN’s I report. This is where users can submit videos, audio and photos from their computer or I-phone to have their stories shared on CNN’s network television and website. This is a way that CNN harnesses citizen journalism and to convey different perspectives on news stories that the traditional media does not allow.

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