Guest Speaker: Anna Lopez

On Wednesday our Class had the pleasure of having another guest speaker Anna Lopez. She first told us a little bit about herself. She studied journalism and went to the other side of and starting working in PR at a communications agency. Then she worked for Estrella Damm which is the first brewery in Spain. Anna became the brand manager of Estrella and then she worked in the digital marketing group.

In 2009 Estrella Damm posted a 3 minute commercial. In this commercial the featured a swedish song that was unheard of.  After the commercial became successful this song became the most downloaded song in Spain and Estrella put this swedish band on the map. During this time, Anna told us that this was when Estrella did not own any sort of social media  which can be vital for a success of a company.

Anna’s first task while being in the digital marketing group was to create all of social media platforms. One interesting technique that I found that Estrella does is not posting pictures of Estrella beers but pictures of the Mediterranean. Estrella is considered “The Beer of the Mediterranean” and under their instagram info it says: Guide to unique wonderful places to enjoy life. This is a good marketing tool because it shows that you can have a good time in beautiful places and her adventures will be even more fun if you drink an Estrella Damm.

Anna then showed us another Estrella Damm commercial that they produced and came out in 2015. This commercial lasted 10 mins and even had a famous American actress, Dakota Johnson and famous Spanish actor Quim Gutiérrez. This video collected 6 million views and was awarded by youtube because the amount of views it had received. This video helped increase brand awareness in Spain and 30% of brand awareness in the UK.

The 2015 video really put Estrella Damm on the map compared to the 2009 video. By having two famous actors in the 2015 commercial this might of helped it gain more attention.

Another interesting marketing strategy that Estrella does is their Twitter feed. Their twitter feed is more like an agenda for Spain. It will post local venue hosting concerts from Barcelona all the way to Seville. Twitter is not really used as a huge promoter of Estrella but it tries to appeal to the Spanish people and how they enjoy their Estrella Damm. 

Overall I really enjoyed this guest speaker. I got to learn how important it is to grow digitally from restaurants to festivals in order to promote a brand. It is an interesting  technique that Estrella uses on instagram and twitter. They do marketing techniques that one would not suspect but as of now they seem to be working.  Anna Lopez gave us the insight of what it is like for someone to work in a digital marketing group and how a company can grow internationally just due to a youtube video.




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