Preparing for Reverse Culture Shock

I cant believe I arrived to the wonderful city of Barcelona almost 4 months ago today. It has honestly been the fastest 4 months of my life and I cant believe I am living out my final days and studying for finals. I remember before coming here my parents warned me about Culture Shock and CEA even warned me about culture shock. Luckily I had a smooth entrance into Barcelona so I did not have culture shock as bad as some people did. After going to the intercultural workshop put on by CEA I really started thinking about going home. In the workshop, they told us that when we got home we would be excited for the first few weeks and then are reverse cultural shock will sink in the midst of summer. I was not familiar with the term at first. The official definition of reverse culture shock is: is a term used to describe the feelings of surprise disorientation confusion experienced when people return to their home country and find they do not fit in as they used to. They also told us in the meeting to consider these three factors: home has changed, I have changed, and I have adapted to another culture and now must readapt.

Do not get me wrong. I am so exited to see my friends and family and especially my dog! I truly miss Mexican food and ice…..but just by missing these things does not mean I am ready to end my abroad experience in Barcelona! I have had the best four months of my life here and have met the most amazing people. I have truly grown into a better person and learned to embrace other cultures while I have been here. I am slowly but surely preparing myself for reverse culture shock, but I be able to keep the memories of my semester abroad. I feel like I will never be completely at home again because my heart belongs in Barcelona. Culture-Shock-Cartoon.jpg