Surf House

I will have to say my favorite restaurant in all of Barcelona is Surf house. I love the atmosphere, the people and especially the food. Surf House is on the beach in Barcelona and it actually offers surf boards and other sports equipment. You can rent the equipment for free if you order food.

Surf house has a menu with a large variety. You can order a fresh smoothie or even a hamburger with an egg cracked on it. It can either have some healthy options or if you’re super hungry I really suggest the beachside nachos. The atmosphere I think is my favorite part about this place. Many locals eat here which I think that means it can be enjoyed by everyone and it is not one of those touristy places.

I love just taking a few friends to surf house and having a few drinks and just hanging out for hours. I will most definitely miss the leisure  time in restaurants in Barcelona rather than being rushed through a meal. I think spending a long meal together with either friends or family is good for the soul. I have gone to dinners in the states where everyone is rushing and on their phones and no one is enjoying their time together. Anyways, Surf House is a great place to go if you want a nice beach spot for people watching and great food. surf-house-barcelona.jpg