How to Not Gain the “Foreign 15” in Barcelona

images.jpgAs I am writing this, I am currently studying abroad in Barcelona and I am seriously loving life. I am making new friends, trying things out. I tell my self: This is an eleven in a life time experience, I can eat anything I want! Some days I wonder if I am gaining weight and I feel a bit unhealthy so I decide to switch up my Abroad life style and make some healthy choices. I would like to know if you can study abroad and do not gain the “Foreign 15”? I decided to test my self for these past weeks-and it turns out it’s possible! I will list a few tips that I have followed and they have really helped me out.

I decided to make my own meal plan and only ate out twice a week at the most. I found a local grocery store and started stocking up on healthy items that were easy to cook and snack on. I used to eat out up to 5 times a week and order Glovo, and after I took advantage of the local grocery store I already feel healthier.

Barcelona is very much a walking city. The first few weeks here, I did not want to walk anywhere because I was convinced I was going to get lost. Now I made a deal with my self to take the metro once a day and WALK home from classes, the grocery store, Placa de Catalyna, etc. I have seen such a difference since I am walking almost everywhere. It is such a beautiful city with gorgeous weather and sometimes it is okay to get lost. I have gotten lost many times and I always find something interesting or a beautiful building that I would have crossed if I did not get lost.

Alcohol is a killer. I will be honest with you guys, when I first got here I was going out more than my mother would have liked me too … which was too much. There are so many calories in one drink. I decided to limit myself to two drinks whenever I went out. Plus, it is better to be the sober friends then the drunk stupid friend. Drinking smart applies to the day time also. I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go so I never get dehydrated. It is so easy to fill up at cafes, museums, or fountains and staying hydrated really helps you keep your weight in check.

Another way to keep a steady weight in Barcelona is to just explore! Last weekend, I grabbed a couple of friends and we all hiked Montserrat! It was hard work but the view was worth it and I am planning on doing it a few more times actually!

Overall, studying abroad is about finding yourself and experiencing things you have never experienced before. Do not worry so much about “The Foreign 15” and follow some of these basic healthy tips I suggested and you should be fine! So what if you gain a few pounds?16831210_10155021551657556_722277411341443193_n.jpg

This is me at Montserrat !