Useful Journalism Tools

Journalism is different than traditional media because of how all of the different tools that have changed Journalism all together. Some examples of social networks that journalists use are Facebook, youtube, Twitter, Google plus. All of these are the social networks one would suspect and journalist would use. Some other tools they use that usually do not come to mind are: Every Post, LiveStream, and Bambuser.


Every post is something I was unfamiliar with and had to research. Every Post makes it easier for you to pull relevant multi media from multiple different platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. With this tool you can publish all of your multimedia content on all of your media platforms at one time. This is a good way for journalists to share relevant content from other sources with your followers. One very interesting feature that sets apart Every Post is the drop box. When posting to any network you can choose to include a drop box and safe your post in your own personal vault for your own reference, or simply just post on Drop box. Over all, I think every post is a great way for journalists to share content with their followers and get their word out on all social media platforms. It is a very fast way for content professionals to create and customize and post content to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other Social media networks.

Another journalism tool I was unaware of was LiveStreamLive-streaming-app.jpeg This is an app that can be very useful for Journalists because it allows you to explore from other broadcasters around the world. If you follow some broadcasters, you will be notified when they will go live. You can broadcast yourself from your phone or tablet to viewers on Facebook, Twitter or any other website and engage with viewers with the built in chat. Also a plus side to this app, you can live stream live online television programs. Users can mix live webcams, Youtube videos, and add graphics with the tools provided by LiveStream. This app would be helpful for journalists because it allows them to create and edit live television channels and provides hosting for channels as well.

The final journalism tool that I researched was Bambuser . Bambuser is a swedish company that provides a platform for interactive live video broadcasting and streaming live video from mobile phones and webcams to the internet. This app can help Journalists effortlessly share live video using a smart phone equipped with a web cam if they are on the go. This app can help news networks get more live coverage and have viewers interact with the reporters on the scene. This insures your followers news updates, and whatever subject the journalist is covering. Overall journalists need fast live streaming apps in order to get your videos out to the world. Whether it is breaking news or studio events, these are some top tools that make video streaming and sharing social media for journalists a piece of cake.  Bambuser_new_app_iOS_0912_cropped.png